Know How CBD Is Beneficial For Senior Citizens

August 2020


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CBD or Cannabidiol is derived from the cannabis plant. It is found in Sativa strains of cannabis. Researches have shown that the plant also exhibits effectiveness for various health issues. CBD Oil can be beneficial for old age people because it can help in the reduction of their medications. Nowadays, even THC free CBD Oil is also available that guarantees the absence of any harmful compound.

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Benefits of CBD for people of old age

  • Aids in fighting anxiety

As an individual age, it is possible to feel things like anxiety that may affect you but often remains undiagnosed. Some common symptoms of anxiety include insomnia, restlessness, not able to concentrate, panic attacks, etc.

This is where the action of CBD Oil comes into play. It interacts with receptors like cannabinoid and serotonin and helps in the treatment of several anxiety disorders.

  • Fights depression

With growing age, it is natural that you may become a victim of anxiety and depression. Depression affects your mental health and social life. The levels of the hormone serotonin which is responsible for the regulation of mood and handling stress may decline with aging. CBD, therefore, stimulates serotonin receptors resulting in its better production.

  • Helpful in getting sleep

Changes in sleeping patterns are very common in old age. A variety of chemical changes taking place in your body or chronic pain can be the reasons for this. Lack of sleep or no sleep at all may lead to difficulties like obesity, diabetes, difficulty in performing cognitive functions, etc. Cannabinoid increases the level of sleep hormone in the brain by activating melatonin receptors.

  • Anti-inflammatory

Sometimes the body may inflame because of false triggers and result in swelling. This creation of swelling can be a cause of damage to cells in old age. CBD attaches to receptors like CB2 and vanilloid which reduce the production of chemicals called cytokines, which are responsible for speeding up the healing process.

CBD acts as an effective and beneficial for senior citizens. Its most common side effects are sleeping and dry mouth. However, in the case of senior citizens, even a side effect like sleeping turns out to be a deal of profit for them. The side effects are very minimal in comparison with the benefits that it provides.


CBD acts on cannabinoid and various other receptors that can help in improving your immune system. It is helpful in the regulation of circadian rhythm and inflammatory reactions which can often create a malfunction in the body if you are aged. It is needless to say that CBD offers you a wide variety of benefits with nearly not so noticeable aftereffects.